Apologies, gos,

I’ve been having email problems – my server’s hard drive is kput – the host is moving everything on it to a new one so although I can send email, I’m not receiving. I’m not being anti-social honest -please don’t feel ignored. I’m being “migrated” to another machine- oer?! I’m not sure how long this will take but they started yesterday and I’m one of lots. I promise to reply to email as soon as I can.At last Reine Des Violettes 1872 rose
La Reine Victoria 1860 rose. I’ve put the bushes side by side with Violettes climbing one of the rose arches. When the flowers fade they go lilac.

The new kitchen cupboards came today- I’m having a bit of a swap around and putting the glass fronted cupboards in the laundry room so I have more worktop space in the tiny kitchen. It amazes me that considering all the complicated dining habits of the Victorians (1800s) , that the kitchen to this house is only 12 X 8 ft plus a fireplace that would’ve had a range inside. I seriously needed more workspace. I don’t like to work in small messy spaces so I think my family have been in danger of starving. 🙂

Tiling is the next job when the plaster dries out. Would you believe there is a badly blocked up door partially behind the new cupboard! I’m not sure where any room would’ve been for things like a kitchen table or storage when this room was originally built. I think the servants bells came out in the hall just outside where this door was as I found the remains of them coming down from the attic.

The kitchen was decorated in a dark brown colour with a shelf running round above door height when the house was built. I think sometime in the 1920s -30s it was painted green with a black trim, after that we have a loud signal red?! and a stormy blue.

The glass cupboards in the laundry room.
I’m going for a fishy theme in blues and greens.
Love this shade of green- I put it under the cupboard light so the cupboard can be lit all greeny like a river.
I love the chiselled fish on this wine glass.
All the shades of blue anyone could want.
At last a home for my Chinese tea set- (main pot missing from the pic as it was in use). There is something so special about jasmine tea in these little cups. At this rate I may even unpack a trunk or so of china before Christmas!
I did manage some crafting- felt pic.
This button bobble hat was just too perfect! I added holly after this pic was taken.

We’ve found out that daughter is off to New Bern NC in August, (love the porch and veranda on the Attmore Oliver House) but they’ve not yet matched her to a North Carolinian girl- there’s 5 to choose from- one was ruled out due to a dog allergy. (We’re a tad heavy on the ground with fluffy ones 🙂 and the odd critter). This is so exciting! We just paid a contribution and the Rotary Club in this area are paying the rest through her school’s Interact Club. It is such an opportunity for her. She will get to exchange emails with her partner before they meet. I am so pleased that she was chosen. I’ll keep you posted. Sorry Meredith- it looks like it’s about 300+ miles from Asheville on the map.

I wonder what the girl will think of the small crowded together houses here in England? It will be so different for her. We’ll all be sure to give her a warm welcome and try to show her all we can of the country if she is interested in veering off the set programme of activities based in Liverpool. Are 15-16 year old girls still interested in seeing places such as Beatrix Potter’s House (Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tiggywinkle etc.)? What do you think would interest her? What would interest you if you came to England?

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