Embroideries and felt pics

Phew brain finally worked out how to do this! I am taking part in Eileens Summer Stash Challenge where I will finish “Ice Windows” (the hand sewn octagon and square panels) using only what I have hoarded by sometime in August. Come and join in on her site for a giggle and an excuse to dip into those fabrics you’ve been saving for a rainy day.

The first 3 embroideries which will go on a quilt made from a layer cake of “At Waters Edge” by Moda.
I really wish I were faster at embroidery as these took so long, and I began to worry about projects and housework piling up. Ok I lied about the housework. LOL

A little touch of Christmas- felt wallhanging.
Close up.
These were the original letters for the above, but the colours didn’t work well together, so I came up with this. Everything is just pinned at the moment and may change but you get the idea.

The ordered Typhoon Retro Revolution Scales arrived they work in Lbs and Kilos. they are so much easier for me to work than these complicated digital things. Price on Amazon was good for them too. They come in all different colours.
I couldn’t resisit this Laura Ashley cake stand with little butterflies cut out of the metal. I may be tempted to enamel the blue edge in red. The recipe for lemon shortbread fingers is earlier on this blog.
Finally a bit of trumpet blowing. Daughter represented her school in a relay race against the other schools in the area and her team won. Over all her school won Year 10 too, so she came back tired but happy.

Here in the UK the biggest supermarket is Tesco. A group of TV chefs have been trying to improve the welfare of chickens supplied by supermarkets. One Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall went as far as buying Tesco shares so he could present the case of adopting RSPCA standards for chickens to all the share holders. Tesco said he was too late for his literature to go in their mailing, so he would have to pay £86,888 for the stuff to go to the shareholders in preparation for the AGM.
I have the delight of telling you that thanks to public donation this money has been raised plus a sum for Compassion in World Farming. Ha there’s now egg on Tesco’s face! I hope it’s Free Range. LOL I don’t think they expected the sum to be raised. They could’ve waived the fee but chose not to and were very arrogant when the Hugh F-W was making a TV programme showing how chickens were being kept. Please join in their petition if you can and add it to your blog to get the message across world wide that we want better standards of living for our food.

Off to fumigate the house ready for a visit this evening from the Intract chap who will explain where in North Carolina and with whom daughter will be staying in August and who will be coming here. (Hopefully.) I am so excited for her! I loved North Carolina as a child and did a road trip down to Florida with my Dad for shark fishing. Lovely part of the world. Needless to say I will give daughter a list of craft things to buy in her spare time as well as a couple of cans of grape soda. I can still taste the wonderful stuff!

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