Paper, Fairy Glen, bargains and strawberries.

A little bit of paper crafting.
Ever had a perfect day of crafting planned and then it’s all change because of beautiful weather and it turns into a perfect day anyway? Well that is what happened yesterday. I was all set to do these 3 embroideries, a spot of hand quilting on the ocean quilt, add borders to Ice Windows, finish sewing the felt Christmas scene, and use the lettering for a different felt scene as the colours didn’t look good on the background I’d chosen. Anyway having worked all this out hubby said “Let’s go to the Fairy Glen with the dogs”. Angel was fully recovered post op so I said yes and off we went early.

A quick video of the stream in the Fairy Glen taken yesterday. You can hear the birdsong too. This place is real soul food.

Beautiful beech tree.
Angel wallowing in the stream.
Pawsha waiting for her share of the picnic.
Angel looking unusually alert.
Bracken unfurling.

On the way to the Fairy Glen there was a huge car boot sale in a field. We had a look around. I knew there were 3 things I was on the look out for in charity shops: a set of bell weighted brass scales (postage on Ebay would be £10-£15 for them = too much) an old fashioned mixing bowl and some candle sticks. Well lookie what I found!
Scales before- “The Libra Scales Company England”. Brass and iron. £6
Wooden glass and lead crystal candle sticks 50p a pair.
Mixing bowl 20p
Scales after a good clean.
7 bell weights 1lb, 8oz, 4oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz

I felt on top of the world after that. I had ordered a set of cream coloured scales which had both lbs and grams on as these sets either came with only one set of weights so I had ruled them out due to the added cost of the extra set I’d need.

Then on the way back from the Fairy Glen we stopped off at a strawberry farm and got a couple of punnets of the first English strawberries of the season. Gorgeous! Here in England we can ususally get Spanish strawberries throughout the year but they are tasteless and expensive, so a waste of money. The real taste of English strawberries has to be tasted to be believed.
So of course I made a quick batch of fruit scone when we got back home, and pottered in the garden (why does grass grow so quickly?) until tea time.
So a wonderful day ended with these scones and a pot of Lady Grey tea and my waiting embroideries.

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