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The crow panels are now cushions.
The backing fabric from that huge stash I blogged about when the shop down the road was closing down.
Working on reducing the speech.

Now come with me for a little wander around the garden and try to imagine the gorgeous smells of old roses, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, and mock orange. Breathe and relax looking at the wonder of nature. I’ll keep words to a minimum.

Just unwrapped poppy.

Now doesn’t life feel better. My garden helped me to keep it real lately.
Lookie what I bought for the dining room.
These I’ve had since Christmas, but look what I’ve just got to go with them:
tea coffee and sugar set all in more gorgeous dot stuff from Laura Ashley. My cream scales are going to look so good with these.

Hi everyone sorry for the delay I just went flop with sheer relief at having the whole Planning Meeting over and done with. I seriously don’t do public speaking but got the speech down to 5 mins flat. In spite of the development being not the sort of housing the area is short of, not complying with current building regulations and having a fire risk in one of the flats, the Planning Committee approved it. Being fairly cynical, I did suspect that they would as 90% of applications are approved by Sefton Council which is very high. I know I did all I could legally do so my conscience is clear. I am also very proud of myself that I actually stood up and managed to read my speech. My reward of new cream kitchen scales have been ordered. 🙂

The wonderful news of the week is that the area of wasteland I’ve been wanting to keep as a nature place (been emailing all sorts of wildlife groups with photos of things like bee orchids and birds) has been awarded a huge stash of money and will have more woodland and other wildlife habitats on it so developers can’t touch it. Big big relief.

Now for other “prouds”. My daughter has been chosen to represent her school through a programme called Interact, so will be popping over to North Carolina in August, and a girl from North Carolina will be coming to stay with us! Oer! Better start to tidy and clean now. LOL I hope she likes History and Art as I know loads of places we can take her.

Off to Patched Pumpkin for the next couple of days- paper crafts and a felt rug/mat. As always I’ll blog about the finished items. I’ve started hand quilting the Laurel Burch Ocean project but no pics yet. Not worked on Ice Windows.

Hope you all have a good weekend if I don’t manage to pop over and visit you before it.

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