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Eileen has just awarded me with this – many thanks. It’s so special to have positive feedback for the things I make. I’ll be passing it on tomorrow.These are the sum total of my creativity since I last posted. I caught a horrible throat thing affecting my balance and skyrocketing my temperature which grounded me in bed until today. The big tops are made from the other skein from the castle trip- all hand dyed so not totally the same throughout. Both the tops and how the foot is formed in DK wool are from a pre 1971 pattern. I’m guessing the 1950s as another of the articles from the booklet is a spencer!
Someone needs to save me from myself- my latest bunch of cheap fabrics which I don’t have space for. Not all for the same project I must say. LOL The waves fabric for the Laurel Burch Ocean idea arrived but I’ve not yet sewn it. Frustrating!

My garden has been busy in my absence:
Reine Victoria 1872 rose. The smell is all you could ever want from a rose. La Reine Des Violettes is in bud. It has my most favourite rose scent of all time.
More climbing roses- more of a talc rose smell.
The honeysuckle “hedge” over trellis not yet in flower as it’s in a shady part of the garden.
Honeysuckle on a sunny South facing wall.
Geranium- must divide some of these clump forming plants.
Look at the delicate sage flowers. Sometimes it’s good to look at the really really small details.
Son found this half a tree trunk on a walk so bought it home. (Definately a boy thing.) The bark is so beautiful especially when wet. He added some wood on the bottom to make a low seat. We’ve put it under the fatsia to stop Precious (hound) from digging up the flower bed there. There’s also a wisteria growing there which I don’t want disturbed.

Front Garden:
Peony- needs to move as it is drooping onto the path.
Lavender hedge- I use it to make the lavender bags.
Korean Fir Tree. The cones turn blue in Winter. We put lights in this tree last Christmas.

The 3 non slimey snails. Yes I couldn’t believe it either. Normal snails leave a trail but these Giant African Land Snails are non slimey!
Haven’t they grown. They like cucumber, apple, lettuce and other fruit and vegetables as well as cuttlefish for calcium to strengthen their shells.

Sorry not a lot done, but I haven’t fallen off the planet. 🙂 Promise to have a look at everyone else tomorrow. Hello to those who haven’t popped in before I’ll pop over and visit you too.

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