Bag, feather edged cardi, flowers

Lined open blue and white bag.
Bag closed.
Embroideries forming pocket outers.

Quilted base. The biggest bit of proper quilting I have done to date.

The finished wool cropped cardigan with feather edging.Close up with horn buttons. A totally natural cardigan!
Honeysuckle- gorgeous scent.
Ampelopsis- a member of the vine family with pink young growth fading into a green and white motled leaf.
Jasmine- gorgeous scent.
Fatsia japonica- castor oil plant. I’ve let it seed as the birds are taking the black coloured berries.
French lavender

Rose with ivy, and virginia creeper. the creeper will turn red in Autumn.
Fushia buds
Climbing rose about 10 ft in the air.
Rose- unknown variety.
Foxglove -digitalis.
Flowering sage
The violas I planted earlier with Reine Victoria rosebuds. The scent from this rose is unbelievable. I can’t wait for it.

Sorry no pics of town- I completely forgot the camera. It was a lovely day out though with my elderly neighbour.

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