Bee Day

Bee heart box painted and waxed then decorated in bees, a hive and flowers. (There is a big bee on top of the hive just out of the picture.)
“Beehave” sign on a picket stake with buttons, bees and a rusty tin heart.
Bee tea towel. A lovely day of crafting yesterday at Patched Pumpkin.

Last night I was making a Wintery Crow with a Shakespeare quotation. Sorry not done pics yet. This was while watching “I’d Do Anything” -Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for a new Nancy for a production of Oliver on the West End in London. It was the final and the 2 I liked best were through so it was gripping stuff. Jessie from Co. Kerry, Ireland, sang “The 1st time ever I saw your face” and a duet with one of the Olivers and Jodie from up here in Blackpool (5 miles north of here as the crow flies but 1 hour driving due to the coast line) sang “Getting to Know You” with one of the chosen Olivers and “Son of a preacher man”. Jessie’s voice is amazing and Jodie has such a warm personality that simply shone from the very first. Jodie won and I can see her motherly protectiveness of the orphan boys in “Oliver” working very well.

I am also very pleased that a non size 10 woman has got the role. Far too often talent contests seem to be based on appearances rather than the actual talent a person has. Now in my ideal revolutionised world LOL this will lead to shops actually designing for real sized women rather than handing then some cut down compromised version of what goes on a catwalk in Paris Milan London or new York. Any fool designer can make clothes for a 6ft giraffe like figure and they will look good. Now what about clothes for the less tall and reasonably upholstered woman? Perhaps the revolution is starting? Project Runway had normal people being designed for in the challenges. Will shops start having a “real woman” range? LOL who knows?

Anyway I was so busy watching the TV that I clean forgot to iron pellam on to the back of the crow fabric but amazingly the stitches didn’t pull the fabric too out of shape. I think my hand sewing must be improving. Good job too as I have 3 small stitcheries to do this week and a load of blocks to cut out in “At Water’s Edge” by Moda fabric for a layer cake quilt I’ll be making over the Summer.

Speech to the Planning Committee on Wednesday needs going over and a letter to all the petitioners needs to get printed out and delivered, house needs tidying and fumigating. Ho hum days laid up take their toll.

I’m passing this Kreativ Blogger award to 3 people I regularly visit.

Lera at The Sky is Pink. She makes so many clothes for her 6 children and herself and still sounds remarkably sane. I want whatever she’s on! LOL

Barb at Woof Nanny and The purse Project She posts so often about things which fire my imagination and get me thinking, taking my crafting in otherwise uncharted directions. An inspiring person!

Amy at My Zoe Bug. Her embroidery is fantastic. For doing strawberry hair clips for my daughter alone deserves an award. Crafting of any sort with little children around deserves praise. Perhaps we should invent an award for that alone?

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