Patchwork + cardi wips

My fingers would be drumming with impatience if I wasn’t typing. I have gone to all sorts of lengths to gather these Laurel Burch fabrics over the past year. I am currently waiting for some blue waves fabric to go around the edge of this to complete the top. It will be a wall-hanging. I got the gist of the pattern from

but changed some minor details as I didn’t have the fabric and wasn’t sure about having so much yellow as well as the other bright colours. I think I’m right in saying that all pics on my blog can be clicked on to make bigger. Please let me know if that’s wrong. It could be they do it for me as the photos are on my machine? Technology is beyond me. The fabrics have an ocean theme -seahorses, mermaids and fish with waves.
A while ago I was in a charity shop and bought a load of these 40-50g balls of pure wool for 20p each! I think there was 600-650g in all so a huge bargain. I’ve started knitting myself a short cardigan with a feather edge following “The Knitters Book of Handy Sweater Patterns” where you choose a wool, do a test square then look up on a grid which line to follow according to how many stitches per inch, then start making your sweater choosing which elements you want. It’s interesting as I haven’t knitted like this before.
This is the feather edging on a sleeve. I used 5mm needles so it hs been a fast knit. I have half a sleeve, collar and button bands left. I have a set of real horn buttons put by for just this sort of project which I got from an Anglo Saxon re-enactment day in West Stow last year.

News here is that Angel is now fine. She fought theMRSA on her own. The vet was worried that by giving her a majorly strong antibiotic it would kill off the minor bacteria and thus allow the very bad bacteria more of a hold. I am just so relieved that she has a clean bill of health now. All the stitches came out too, so we don’t have to trek all the way to and through St Helen’s to get her seen again by the specialist. (An hour each way in clear traffic). I’d been doing all the laundry in lavender detergent with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil in the conditioner, as it is meant to be an antiseptic. Perhaps it helped. We have been so worried about her- she is 9 years old so in the more prone to illness age bracket.

No news on the developer front. I have written out a draft speech. The thought of standing in front of this committee fills me with fear, but after the way he has behaved I know I’ve got to stand up and beg that he isn’t given planning permission to to the work he has in the main already carried out illegally.

Sorry no new pics of the garden, but I’ll take the camera into town with me today when I have lunch with a neighbour. Hope you’re all well. I’ll pop over to your blogs to have a look.

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