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This was my birthday present picture by an artist called Kol. Love the crows!
These 3 will be pockets for the blue and white bag I’ll be making at the weekend.
Excuse the water soluble blue pen.

A few quick lavender bags made this morning.
I used this book for the apple knitting pattern.
Apples pictured centre in red and green.
I stuffed adding a few spiced apple crumbs.
A leaf and a stalk later and I have a bowl of russet apples. The wool is one of the ones I got from the castle trip. Perfect!
I finally made a mat for the top of the wool cabinet.
I made this pot back in school and fine carved the face after firing. Quirky!

I’m currently making a quick cardi in cream wool for me and piecing and cutting a quilt based on Laurel Burch’s Ocean Songs fabric range. The site of the link also has a number of free quilt patterns by lots of designers.

Son came back from adventure camp yesterday wearing clothes that could’ve taken themselves to the washing machine. The ones in his case however were far worse. Just what is it with boys being muck magnets? LOL It’s good to have him back. I had a good tidy in his room while he was away. I think he was relieved as it had got a bit much for him. I liked seeing all his shirts hung ironed facing the same way in his wardrobe. I know it wont stay that way for long, but at least I know it was done. Another bag of out grown clothes to the charity shops!

Tomorrow is a vet trip. Angel isn’t burning a temperature now and has a good appetite. I’m hoping she’s beating the bug. If all is ok, her stitches will come out.

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