Plans Barn Castle

Plans are afoot for the above fabric.
The barn grew sunflowers.

The following are photos from the back garden:
Pansies and sage.
Herb corner
Bluebell with winter jasmine behind.

These are from a trip to Sizergh Castle, Cumbria
Birds nesting in the barn

The children felting at a special event put on by the Lancs and Lakes guild of weavers spinners and dyers. Sorry couldn’t find a web site. They are marvellous helpful ladies though very willing to share their love and knowledge of their expertise. I definately want to have a go at dying our own wool and felting it. The children loved making thei own pieces. Will photograph another time as there are loads of photos already today after my long absence.
One of the castle lawns. (They can’t have many dogs!)
The original 1200s tower of Sizergh Castle with Elizabethan additions.
This was on one of a pair of a huge gate/doors designed to allow a carriage into the main hall (and out the other side) so the passengers didn’t have to get wet.
The castle had a huge emerging fern collection.
I liked this member of the pea family.
Part of the fernery. This was mixed with Acers (Japanses Maples).
There was a lot of this climber over the garden walls.
Looking up from the lake.
Son hoping to see a fish.
Lake and Elizabethan (1500s) view of the castle. The middle section was a balcony over one of the carriage gates I mentioned earlier.
Daughter and I looking over the garden. The purple coat is an aran I knitted earlier.
A more full view of the castle.
Lake drainage leading to a stream (1700s idea).


Us inside this walled garden.
Snake’s Head fritilary

It’s been a horrible week.
On Friday I was told by a 3rd party that the planning officer in charge of the proposed house development backing on to my back garden doesn’t want to treat the petition as a petition because it was on separate pieces of peper for each house. (How it was delivered and how I managed to get 40 people (needed 25 for it to be legally considered a petition) to object. I was absolutely furious as this was an underhanded move by this officer as at no point has she told me this herself. I wonder if she hoped I wouldn’t be told at all until it was too late. I wonder why she wants this to go ahead?

Anyway, after wanting to do very nasty things to her I got help. Hubby using our copies of everyone’s names addresses and signatures made a PDF document and I emailed it directly to the councillors supporting the petition and one to the blinking planning officer. HMPH!

Alongside all of these nasty goings on, my blue brindle greyhound Angel’s leg got bad. Back in 2005 her leg was shattered badly when we decided at Christmas to walk to the sea in the dark. (Think Martin Waddell’s “Big Big Sea” book. She had a severed tendon which had weakened it. This is probably why she was dumped (ex-racing greyhound) and spent a year in knee high snow living rough on the Welsh mountains. She was running in the sand dunes and came up to me on 3 legs. I felt down it and couldn’t make sense of what I was feeling so I knew it was bad. We got the vet out who stabilized her with pain meds and got her an x-ray. It was so bad she was referred to the top orthopaedic surgeon for the north of the UK- Ian Barclay. A lovely lovely man so reassuring. If he had a son i’d hope my daughter would marry him. Know the sort?

Back to this bank holiday weekend one of the metal plates came through her leg. It has been so warm I wonder if the metal expanding was a contributing factor and she grazed it somehow? Our vet wrapped it for us and put her on antibiotics and Ian Barclay fitted her in to his surgery yesterday. She’s been in overnight and should be let out later today. The tricky bit comes next. The stitching is into scar tissue. Although the bones are fused nicely from the original injury, we’ve got to be careful of infection and the more brittle scar tissue tearing. Greyhound skin is thin like a humans. The part damaged was our equivalent of foot (Below the sticking out bit at the back of her back leg). At the moment the house feels weird with her not in it. The other 2 are subdued.

I’ll craft when I can and catch up with everyone else’s blogs on my list. I hope you’re all having a good week.

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