Bird Houses, Gargoyles and Spring

The 3 bird house designs are from Connie’s Calicos Too. Sorry can’t find a web link. The above is the barn. I want to get some yellow sunflowers to go on the sides to finish it off. I used crow buttons again.
This is the small bird house. Daughter made it, with me helping sew the roof on. She used a bee fabric for the roof, so a hive and 3 bee buttons seemed appropriate.
This one I’ve shown before- the big bird house with heart button flowers all round.
Pear tree blossom in the garden.
Cherry tree blossom in the garden. One of my favourite Spring sites is an avenue lined in these trees with blossom falling.
Cerinthe with raindrops.
Grenville the gargoyle.
Lupus the gargoyle.
Stephanotis inside the house.
Rose scented geranium- think Holy Water smell.
My fruit bowl. Would you believe I have things like the salt and pepper to match? They are still packed so no pic.

The knitting is coming along, more signed petitions have arrived over the weekend. The more the merrier now. We have the minimum we needed for a committee to get involved, which is such a relief to me. I was so worried when I began, that if I stuck my head above the parapet that someone would shoot it off. Thankfully more and more people are realising the implications to the area. Word is spreading too-people have been asking for petitions to pass on. A councillor came today and saw for himself and is willing to take the cause up too. I’ve caught daughter’s bug so have little energy, so I’ll be glad when the whole situation is sorted.

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