Small victories

Booklet picture of what the aran will look like.
The original aran I made well over 16 maybe even 18 years ago!
The current one is started.

Quick update -we got over the 25 signatures in by the end of today (I scanned them in and emailed them to the council). This means now that the planning decision has to be made by a committee. Hubby posted more forms so the entire block the building is on knows the position. The more signatures the better now, but I am just so relieved we got the minimum we needed.

I couldn’t sleep this morning so I emailed the 3 proposed councilors for our area (elections on Thursday) and got the support of one who promised to inform the others of our chat later in the day. As a member of the council, a Justice of the Peace and a thoroughly knowledgeable lady she told me what to expect. She is also going to recommend a site visit by the full planning committee who would not be familiar with the area. (She only lives a few blocks away so she knows our area very well.) So yet another small victory. According to what I read on the council’s web site they allow 90% of planning applications. I really really hope we are in the 10%.

So having felt like a politician all day, Daughter and I went into town and bought Chinese brocade fabric for the Thai outfit I need to make her for School Sport’s Day. Each class represents a country and has a member dress appropriately. We popped into a charity shop on the way home and guess what? Found exactly what she needed -a fitted skirt and top Chinese style complete with frogging. Someone up there likes me. 🙂 I was feeling totally wacked from lack of sleep and being nice to people. LOL I can just to the little extras now to make it more Thai and less Chinese.

Hmmmm I’m the proud owner of some rather gorgeous fabric with phoenixes and dragons and cranes now. I wonder what I’ll end up making? Certainly not tonight though. I already fell asleep after having a bath. Time to make that knitting longer.

Have a good relaxing weekend everyone. Take care.

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