Book, Skort, Walk

Sorry I’ve been away for a week. After a dream I had, I started writing down the bones of the story and it just took off. I developed the characters further and let them lead the story on. And on. Before I knew it it was Saturday and I had written 264 pages of 250ish words- sort of a novel size! I had always wanted to write a book, but whenever I sat myself down to write, it felt lame. Hubby is currently reading it (and complaining about my handwriting! snort!) and will give me an honest opinion. He’s good at that. I don’t think I would trust anyone else to read it…perhaps ever. I don’t care if it’s bad or never gets published. I have written a book! This is one of those lifetime achievements for me. I am over the moon. The rest of the family is too as the laundry fairy has been slacking. Good job it’s half term week and they don’t need their uniforms for tomorrow morning.

We celebrated with buying fresh bread and cakes for a picnic tea yesterday afternoon and turning up George Thorogood and Seasick Steve. Have a listen on Youtube. Foot tapping stuff. Just what I needed to wake up from my dream world and get back to reality.

Shhhh! I’ve started on another one- where the last book left off. Pink cover at the moment.

I’ve now got to start another Bloglog Book- I’d only just started the spring green one last week- with crafting ideas! Typical!

The finished skort for daughter for the summer. Front view.
Front flap for decoration.
Underneath are the shorts.
Back zip fastening. I didn’t follow the pattern totally. I put in french seams (wrong sides of fabric together with a straight sitich then turning it right sides together with another running stitch seam) this stopped any fraying. The pattern also had some facing which bulked the waist a little, so I didn’t use it but used the shorts as the facing and top stitched. As I basted the zip in by hand 1st, I was able to get the shorts fabric in the right place too, on the wrong side of the zip. One wizz round and I didn’t need to do any hand finishing. 🙂

It was a gorgeous day today so we took the dogs for a walk along the canal near Halsall.
This is another of those pill box huts from the 2nd world war. It’s at the end of a paddock.
I loved the shapes of this old tree.

There was a blue haze to the sunshine. The bridge looks almost ghostly.
My ever growing 12 year old lad, Angel and me. This hill was cut into for the canal so it feels like a river here. In other places it is higher than the surrounding houses which looks a little un-nerving to my southern eye. I am used to rolling hills with rivers at the bottom. This landscape is very different.
One of my favourite books is “Wind in the Willows” with EH Shepherd’s illustrations. I think this hole is too big to be Ratty’s though.

Can’t resist horses- even ones who just want to frisk my pockets for mints. 🙂 I’ve still got my saddle and tack even though I don’t have a horse. There are some things I can’t part with.

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