Tea and Valentine Shortbread

We had an accident with the afternoon tea tray- Precious jumped up at the table (very naughty dog) when no one was in the room, looking for biscuits. The tray crashed to the floor breaking the empty (thankfully) teapot and sugar bowl.

So today I went to Woolworths and found a cheap and cheerful teapot with matching sugar bowl that just happens to go with my Christmas present mug. I do like dots. Can you tell? I had an idea of a red knitted bag with white bobbles knitted in but haven’t got round to it.
Here’s a quick recipe which is great for doing with children as it can be played with like pastry.

Valentine Shortbread

225g/8oz Butter
125g/4oz Vanilla sugar
325g/12oz Plain white flour
Heart shaped cookie cutter
Buttered baking tray

Knead together like pastry.
Roll out to 1cm/1/2″ thick.
Cut into hearts.
Can use fork to prick a traditional shortbread decoration or or use your own ideas.
Place on baking tray for 30 mins at Gas 4/350F/180C

I put a blob of strawberry jam on the one in the pic after they had been cooked.
You can also add a pinch of spice like ginger or cinnamon or even orange or lemon rind to the mixture for variety.

What better way to start Valentine morning than a batch of heart shaped cookies in bed?

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