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Happy Valentine’s Day! Daughter has just gone out to meet up with other girls for a restaurant meal. This is the first time they have organised something like this together. Feels like another milestone in her life towards becomming an adult.

Hubby and I will be leaving as she gets back as we have a hot date together.

The angel embroidery is finally hanging on the landing wall.
I gave it a border of blue gingham and a backing of blue and white stripes. It has red heart ribbon to tie it to the hanger I made before. I used a stiff interlining between the layers so it wouldn’t lose it’s shape.
The osnaburg has a layer of pellam so if I needed to carry a thread to another place it didn’t show. I coloured in parts of it with ordinary colouring pencil.

This is Valentine Box is good for making with children if you hold the scissors when they’re young:
Valentine box for all sorts of sweets and presents. I used sturdy card cartons from washing machine cubes. Cut hearts from the lid. The sides too look good cut and shaped. (I wonder if I could make a santa sleigh next year and fill it with goodies or mini presents?)
Voila- a dose of acrylic paint a ribbon and glue later, a Valentine box ready to decorate however you want. Daughter’s has glitter, silver paint, and a fish theme. I made a non heart one for odd bits when I’m sewing. What about using feathers, decoupaged wrapping paper or print outs from your computer of favourite images? Your imagination is the limit. If you’re putting food in, make a lining from greaceproof paper.

Same idea for Easter egg baskets in yellows. Or even as Mother’s Day gift bags.

The sun has been shining here
Crocus and primrose
A snowdrop- where were you in the hail?
My favourite shade of purple as modelled by more crocus. 🙂
My first bunch of daffodils in the garden! Must be Spring right?

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