Room, Water bag, Heart hanger and cushion

Daughter moved back into her room and put up fairy lights over her bed. Slowly the landing is being cleared as she moves her junk sorry beloved treasures back in.

The knights did get saved Meredith for which I was very grateful. It feels a lot more spacious with clear walls. I’m just waiting for the “attack of the posters” age. Her colour choice was inspired by the Box of Air sewing box I made her for her birthday.
Here’s a Bag of Water. LOL it’s for Woof Nanny’s vintage bag challenge. The only new bits are the ribbons at the bottom.
The fish are 1960s woven fabric leftovers from the jacket I made myself in the Summer. The sequins are 1970s.

This heart hanger will one day display the “forget me not angel” embroidery when I have backed it and attached ribbons. Next job after the skort.
A heart cushion embroidery. The one in Patched Pumpkin had a handle so it could go on a door handle. It co-ordinates with the flat angel, so I may give them as a gift to daughter for her birthday in October.
I learned how to do the orange cart wheel shaped flowers- they are blanket stitch! I’d never made them before. As I’m so new to crafting, there are so many gaps in my knowlege. Thank heavens for the internet and fellow craft bloggers who are so generous with their time and brains as well as those I meet in person.

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