Paper Patterns and Painting

Quite a few people are intimidated by paper patterns such as Burda, Simplicity, Style etc. Would it be useful if I did a posting on stuff like how to read them so you get the right amount of fabric etc. how to cut for an accurate fit, what to look for on a pattern sheet -stuff like that? Or if you have any particular concerns let me know?

I’m painting the top half of daughter’s wall today- going over in plain white paint she bought with money from her Saturday job at the pet shop. I’ll take pics showing the Medieval village, knights jousting before they are gone forever. It was son’s room but they had a swap over, so it’s understandable that she wants to do “her thing” in there.

I’ve started Woof nanny’s vintage bag challange at last and things are waiting to be sewn!

Off now to climb on the painting platform- one of the drawbacks to having a Georgian/Victorian house with high ceilings.

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