Finished bits, skirts, and finds.

It’s official Summer 2007 was the wettest ever since records began in 1766 for the UK. So many more areas are tarmac instead of field, there is more run off of the rain, which makes flooding worse. In Yorkshire the local news showed a set of villagers breaking the law by digging a trench through a road to divert the water away from their houses and into a river. I thought “good on you” as their council hadn’t done anything to help them. LOL go rebel me!

I unpacked more books from the shed and now have Piers Anthony, Joan Aiken, Terry Brookes, and Lindsey Davis. It was like greeting old friends. 🙂 Slowly slowly we’re getting organised. I swear as soon as we have a decent summer I’m emptying the shed onto the lawn and having a proper sort out and grouping the tools (especially) into tasks like “plumbing” or “electrical”. At the moment, you breath in, say a prayer, and hope nothing heavy falls on you. LOL

Christmas runner all backed in green velvet.
Buttons on aran cardi 6-12months.

Among my findings (now I’m coming to terms with not moving from here any time soon, so am sorting through boxes) I found my favourite skirt pattern I’ve been looking for it for months but thought it had gone to a charity shop or something by mistake as it wasn’t with the others. I couldn’t remember it’s make or number only the front picture, so I’ve spent hours trawling through Ebay desperately over the last few months. Anyway here is Simplicity 8291 issued in 1988!

These are the skirts I made today on that very sewing machine. To the right is my wool cabinet.

This fabric (skirt on right) is designed by Beth Ann Bruske for David Textiles Inc.
This fabric is called “Elegance” by Fabric Vision Inc FV.C1617 (skirt on left).
I bought them both on line from a shop in Vermont via Ebay run by a lovely lady called Trish.
As you can see the skirt is bias cut so very flattering and both the back and front are 90 degrees each so plenty of grown-up swirl. As soon as I found this pattern last night, I charged down the stairs, danced on the spot amusing hubby and daughter (back at school today all recovered) and recited part of Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland author) ” O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’He chortled in his joy.”
I also unpacked a box of ski gear and found un-spun wool and a forgotten wool long-stitch too.
I love the colours. I made this when the children were small but never framed it as it was an odd size.
I came across a wonderful saying I’ll have to immortalise in embroidery in “Emily Davis” by Miss Read “Better to wear out than rust out“. I like that- sort of living your life to the full rather than doing nothing as you’re “too old, too frail, too ill, too busy with unimportant stuff, too tired etc.” you know the sort of excuses we can all come up with to ourselves.

My thought for the day is Laurel Burch accomplished so much with osteopetrosis. I shouldn’t moan about spending the bulk of 2 weeks steam cleaning carpets, washing walls, and “bottoming out” cupboards instead of getting in touch with my crafting side.

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