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Today the sun is finally shining here after what feels like 40 days and nights of rain. I’m sure it wasn’t really that long. LOL However the ground is saturated and reading the news, as the rain comes down off the mountains rivers are still in danger of bursting their banks and flooding houses. This is the latest news:

Oxfordshire seems to be over the worst thankfully and it wasn’t as bad as the summer when my sister said she was on an island of high ground with no way into town. Her tiny local shop was doing a roaring trade from her and other houses on the same hillside area. Gloucestershire again is at risk. We’re here on the edge of Lancashire but thankfully don’t need to travel anywhere. This beautiful link has some photos which are changed daily of the Lake District in Cumbria north of us- (you need to scroll down past the adverts to see them).

Laura our daughter got sent home from school. Her cold turned into sweaty shivers so hubby picked her and her bike up from school. I had hoped we were finally over the plagues. Just what is it this year? Did we just not “dry out” enough in the summer that never happened (rain)? I’m beginning to see why there are so many tanning salons in this town. It did strike me as strange when we first moved up here but perhaps the weather is so bad that people don’t go for walks in daylight. This is going to sound bad, but there are so many ladies who seem to be shopping as their form of recreation! Wow! I’d sooner be making stuff, walking the dogs, even cleaning the toilets to avoid having to clothes shop! Perhaps it is a cultural difference from Oxford where people go out “as they are” more and don’t care as much about physical appearance. I think it was Chaucer who remarked in the 1200s that Oxford students cared more for buying books than clothes. Could this be a seriously old Oxford tradition which has spread to the townies not just the gownies?

I’ve been crafting a bit as well as cooking and cleaning. Where does all the time fly? It’s now 2.30pm and I haven’t done nearly as much as I thought I would’ve by now. The washing is nearly finished thankfully and all food cooked. I need to dig out red buttons for the aran cardi for Bailey. It was going to be a hoodie but I ran out of yarn so I made the neck band longer and sewed it under. It was 200g ball-end in acrylic.
The table runner is from a Dizzy Frizzy pattern sorry I can’t find a direct web site only other people selling patterns by Dizzy Frizzy. The flat doll I made Laura for Christmas was also from a Dizzy Frizzy pattern.
Close up of one end. All edged in blanket stitch apart from the writing which was backstitch.
I’m going to back the Christmas runner in the green velvet offcut from a curtain that it’s resting on once I’ve unpicked the hems and re-ironed it.

I’ve nearly finished my 1st project for Christmas 2008 and it’s still January -how weird is that!

Son Jacob is still making me pull my hair out with his inability to do the “Independant Learning Tasks” set by his school. He is only Year 7 (joined secondary school in September) yet he is expected to hand in projects with bibliographies, title pages, etc. all stuff which I didn’t do until univeristy! He doesn’t seem capable of organising the information he is being asked to find and present. He also came home minus his shirt as last lesson someone went into the changing room and took a variety of boys’ clothing while they were having P.E. The P.E. teacher had gone elsewhere leaving the boys to dress themselves unsupervised, so there was no adult to deal with it then and there. In spite of asking the school to look into it, nothing has happened yet. Frustrating. I do wonder if this was the right school for him. Well that enough of me blowing steam. Lol

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