Watery doings

Sorry I’ve not blogged for a while. I’ve been doing all those annoying little tasks I put off while making Christmas things.

Have I mentioned how I hate shopping? Well I really really do especially when I’m looking for something specific. Because it’s so cold and rainy I have a huge coat on, but the shops have their heating on full blast so I’m trudging round pink face flushed with heat, desperate to find what I want quickly so I can get some cold fresh air again. Eventually after an afternoon of looking I found a coat at half price, and a few clothes at 70%-90% off so they worked out cheaper than the charity shops. The biggest relief was finding some taps I liked at a reasonable price from a small bathroom shop in town. I’d checked on-line and our local DIY superstores didn’t stock the cheap ones I liked only the more expensive ones. How do some women do this several times a week? I don’t think I could even wear that many clothes. And these women were wearing high heels! I must be doing somethig wrong as I don’t think I could put myself through that much pain.

Here are the promised tap photos. I’m still amazed that the mirror-glass stayed intact yet the tap broke. Weird!

The mirror face down ready to re-glue the wooden frame. I painted it white afterwards.
The broken tap. The bit just under the thread was sheered straight through.
Some of the thread still inside.
New taps hubby and I put in today. It took longer to find the tools in our very messy shed than it took to actually do the job. The master plan is to get rid of all the gold fittings (from the previous owner) eventually, and have a bath tub on legs Victorian style with silver taps.

Here in the UK there has been a lot of rain. Gloucestershire and parts of Cambridgeshire have been on flood alert. Some people still aren’t in their houses from the floods back in the summer, and are facing being flooded again. Our garden is looking muddy and waterlogged but I’m not complaining. however if all this rain carries on for much longer I’m going to develop gills and web toes.

Craft wise I’m making a red aran hoodie for Bailey. I’ve not touched my sewing machine since the valentine wreath. Good job I have a day tomorrow at Patched Pumpkin making a Christmas table runner. Yep it’s official I’m starting on Christmas 2008! LOL I just dont want to be in the mad rush I was in last year.

I’ve also made a start on the vintage linen bag for the challenge. It’s going to be quite boring unless I take some craft book to bed with me for inspiration. Anyone got any ideas?

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