Finished Valentine Wreath and jumper

6-12m jumper. The pale blue stripe is in Janol’s “Supersaver Baby Double Knitting”. The cream of the body is a ball end. I think it was “velvet” something. The cream of the sleeves is Sirdar 100% acrylic.
Butons at the back.
Finished wreath. The pearls and tiny silver beads are sewn on individually on the leaves and rose petals. This was daughter’s idea and she even gave me a broken bracelet of hers to use.

The heart edging was once a necklace of miniscule beads with a pearl every now and then. I turned it into a feature rather than cut and re-thread them. I think they would’ve got everywhere.

Does the background of some of the photos look pinky to you? Please let me know as it may just be my monitor. If it isn’t we need a new camera to befuggle my wits.

I ended up burning the midnight oil last night. There was a tremendous noise from the bathroom. The mirror had fallen down. Nope luckily it wasn’t broken, but somehow it had managed to sheer the basin tap in half! Freaky! How on earth? I’ll do piccys next time -it is totally unbelievable.

Next project is a bag out of vintage linens. I’ve dug out some antimacassars (see can’t even spell it let alone use them) and hope to be inspired about shape etc. If you want to join in click HERE for the info and loads of ideas from Woof Nanny.

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