Forgotten Bits and Valentine Wreath

I forgot to show you this- son and I made it for daughter for Christmas. She like unicorns and lilacs.
Although daughter likes strawberries, I couldn’t resisit making a photo frame of red cherries.
These are the wool baskets. They began life in Wales where we used to live. I needed a log basket for the woodburner in our new home, and something to carry the washing out to the line as I was sick of the plastic ones breaking. I was told a chap the other side of the mountain down in Tepee Valley (one of the hippies) could help. My Mother was visiting us so she and I walked there- it was a bright early summer’s day so very enjoyable walking. When we got there there was a chap sky-clad apart from his wellies digging his vegetable patch with his back to us. Well neither she nor I could keep a straight face and smirked and giggled like primary school children, not really knowing where to look. Having got a grip I asked him if he made baskets and he agreed to make the 2 I needed in the sizes I needed. He brought them to our house (fully dressed thankfully) the following week. Thoroughly nice man. I now put all the big balls and cones of wool in them until there is room in the glass fronted cupboard.
This pic is a work in progress. I haven’t finalised leaf positions yet but you get the idea. It will be a Valentine Wreath. I’ve just been so caught up in steam cleaning some carpets, testing a modified site for a client, and chores which I didn’t think needed doing until I looked. I’ve also curled up in my crow quilt knitting another jumper for Bailey which isn’t quite finished- sleeve tops and buttons to go. Just where does the time go? It feels like I’ve only had 6 ish hours of the day! Time to finish the jumper as Bailey may come over for a visit tomorrow. 🙂

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