Life is GOOD -new pedal arrived!

The new pedal arrived so I’m back in action after getting a nervous tic waiting for it. 😉

I got the buttons sewn on.
They are so cute! I wonder who thought up the idea of having teddy shaped buttons?

I had a bit of an angel sesh too:
The finished Angel embroidery.
Another day at Patched Pumpkin led to one of these and a huge sesh of chatter and laughter. I made the other, this morning. They are being posted to a dear friend of mine who lost her husband this time last year.

I finished putting the 12 crow quilt pieces together only to find I’d put 2 round the wrong way so I’ll be unpicking and re-sewing those as it looks odd.

I’m also working on painting the inside of my old dolls’ house now it’s all wired. Hubby did it for me, then in the dark he held my hand up the stairs and we crept into the room to see it all aglow like children visiting a nativity. One of those magical moments I’ll treasure. Each day together is precious. He nearly died after a skiing accident in Canada led to him having blood clots on his lungs. Luckily he was one of the lucky 35% who survived. It made us treasure what we have.

I forgot to blog some beach finds I’ll be doing something with. Nevermind. I’ll show you when I’ve got round to doing them.

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