Dolls’ House

This weekend I’ve been decorating my old dolls’ house since hubby put electricity into it. Craft/living room on ground floor. I need books for those bookcases! Wouldn’t be bare in real life. 🙂 The sofa needs re-covering.
Ground floor all lit up. Lots of dogs by the lit up fire in the corner.
Craft area with wools, ribbons, buttons, notions fabric etc. Why can’t I be that organised and tidy?
Next floor is the kitchen diner.
There’s food on the table -fimo cakes etc. I haven’t done the flooring yet.
Next floor upis the bedroom with bathroom. All a squash with so much furniture. I need to make a proper set of bedding for the bad.
Bathroom with bottles on the shelves but no towels. I keep seeing little things I ought to do. LOL
Normal light. The paper used on the lower halves of walls are minature William Morris designs.
The outside of the house with new acetate windows.

I also knitted a hat in baby blue and a multi blue yarn to go with the cardi. I’m not sure what the yarn is called as I’m trying to use up ball ends when I knit for Bailey, so I often haven’t got the wrapping band.

The children go back to school tomorrow so I’m planning a tidy up sesh. I’ll also try to work on the Crow Quilt. I’ve got a Valentine Wreath planned, but the quilt has to come first. I hate that feeling of loads of incomplete things waiting.

9pm now here, so I’m going to settle with a cup of tea and some knitting by the fire.

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