Happy New year

Happy New Year!

I hadn’t realised that Cluedo hadn’t made it across the atlantic. It’s a board game where you are one of six characters in a manor house (think Agatha Christie) and one of you is the murderer. The game is to find out who, with what weapon, in which room. I should’ve explained better but have been so foggy headed. Sorry. On Boxing day we all dressed up as a character for the day, the children had a clue hunt through the house, and we also sat down at the dining table with nibbles and played the board game together. I was Mrs White and wore one of the new aprons. 🙂 It wouldn’t be a traditional English Christmas without the odd relative being bumped off. LOL The children skating in the sunken rose garden part of the park.

The finished jumper- positioned by hubby! There are 3 buttons on one shoulder.

I’ve not managed much crafting as the Bernina’s foot pedal has died! I am 2 basket patches away from being able to sew the 12 middle patches of quilt together -quick 1/2 hr job, so am very frustrated with the crow quilt progress. Instead hubby is wiring my old dolls house so I can then decorate it properly for the 1st time. I’ve also been doing some hand sewing and will pick up “Ice Windows” as soon as I’ve finished this Angel one.
The angel stitchery in progress. Needs a good iron.

The actual iced window panes are hand patchwork, worked over papers with 20 ish stitches to the inch, so very time consuming. It got put down in the Autumn when Christmas present making got in full swing.

The upside of all this inaction means that the house is clean tidy and BORING! I will be so happy when I am back on my beloved machine.
The cardi minus teddy buttons. I had a real problem with this cardi-it was a free internet pattern in US. Somehow I think I mis-translated some of the complicated lace patterning which should’ve been running down the front. 5x later I gave up unpicking it all and just knitted it in stocking stitch.

Now a funny:

We went into town this morning- school shoe shop pugatory and odd bits like teddy buttons for the cardi. In a department store a woman came up to me and said what sounded like “You could benefit from make up”. “Ur” I think I said as eloquent as ever, wanting to deck the tangerine skinned, highlighted haired woman. Turns out she said “Would you like Benefit make up?” Never heard of the stuff. I’m not really going deaf-I had my Kootenay Canadian thick ski hat on as it’s cold, and misheard. Daughter’s still sniggering. Bah humbug no wonder I like shopping on-line. 🙂

Ooo talking of funnies I didn’t tell you the tale of how I got my baskets I keep the big wools in a few years ago. Ah it’ll have to be next time- dinner’s ready and I’m starved as it’s 2.24pm and I didn’t eat when out. I did manage to get a load of Arthur Ransome books in a charity shop. Very happy! I love seeing this site for photos of the Lake District. It’s only up the road so we go there when the weather is good and sometimes camp.

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