Peaceful Time

Having been in headless chicken mode since October trying to make Christmas presents, this week has been a shock to the system. 🙂

On Boxing Day we had our Cluedo Day. The children stuffed old clothes with used wrapping paper, and had a “follow the clues” hunt around the house. The weather has been cold wet and windy so they enjoyed doing something which didn’t involve getting wet and miserable outside.

The “body”.

We ate nibbles over Cluedo and enjoyed having a family day of mystery and murder.

I’ve been doing some crafting in quiet moments. I finished a blue jumper for Bailey but forgot to take a pic -will do. This will be the Crow Quilt:
Top half.
Bottom half.

I’ve edge sewn some of them. The birds and baskets are being machine zig zagged, and the flowers are being done by hand in blanket stitch. These 12 patches form the centre. It is called “Crows in a Row” by Meme’s Quilts in Texas. I’ve just had a look at the web site- full of patterns.

Sorry nothing exciting doing- got a heavy cold and that’s about it. ooo I’ve started a pale blue cardi with an offset front for baby Bailey.

What projects are you all on?

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