Merry Christmas

We’re all unwrapped now and waiting on the turkey. The children really enjoyed having a home made Christmas and there was a real feeling of pride when their home made presents to everyone were opened. Fellow Patched Pumpkin goers too made me some beautiful things which I shall treasure unless they were edible in which case I doubt they’ll see the New Year. 🙂

Ok I can now post the things to others which I couldn’t before.

Big shopping bag.
Lined bag went as a gift.
Notice board for hubby. The mountain and outfit are felt, background cotton, buttons for hat gloves, skis, snowman, stars and writing “Think snow”.
Bread roll holder. When flat it looks like a pantomime dame’s hat. Did tease hubby for a bit. 🙂 All cotton and bias edge.
Very awful pic of nightshirt.
Felt wallet with zip compartment for change, and card areas, as well as a note section at the back. Plain plum on the outside.
Hubby’s pyramid lavender bags. Ribbon ones for going on a coat hanger.
There 3 frames were made from the fabric a friend sent me.

I made flower shaped mats too but can’t find a piccy.
Out of the left overs from those I made these lavender hearts.

Off to get dressed in purple velvet now and finish making dinner with hubby.

I’ve got a crow quilt on the go and will post pics when it’s fully bondawebbed, before I start handsewing etc. Also got a jumper and cardi for Bailey baby started.

Merry Christmas everyone. May we all have a peaceful New Year full of fulfilled hopes and dreams.

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