Little Bits of Christmas

Another briliant day at Patched Pumpkin- a figgy pudding picture and frame.

We had a bit of a Christmas party at PP so I made a Mincemeat Cake,
and some Spice Cookies with daughter for it as well as some Ginger Fingers.
Our host of angels grows a little each year.
One of our first angels. These are seriously easy to make with preschool children. You can staple them together if the card is very stiff.
One of last year’s angels.
A Patched Pumpkin idea for a yo yo tree (Suffolk Puffs).
Little Christmas puddings- again Patched Pumpkin. I loved the gingerbread men fabric.
Finally a pair of booties for Bailey -each boot was the left over from a previous project. They were shorter than normal so they have a ribbon tie.
The Big Wave Scarf in red with flecks.
A quick jumper with button back again for Bailey.

Would you believe this is 1/2 a hat? You tie knots in the 2 ties, which are the top corners of the hat. This is the blue version of the yarn in the jumper.

I’m still on the final Christmas present, but everything which needed to be posted or given out has been. Phew relief!

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