Few more Christmas presents

Ginger Fingers (the ones in pic are a bit fat)

8oz butter
5oz castor sugar
10oz plain flour
2-5 teaspoons of ground ginger (can also use stem ginger)
Grated lemon rind

Mix to make dough.
Roll to 2″ x 1″ sausages which you flatten slightly on the baking tray.
20 mins at Gas 4, 350F, or 180C.

Now my makings for the past few days:

The big wave scarf from the “Sublime Merino Handbook 602” Patons. It has a 4 row repeat, and in this scarf I changed colours every 4 rows. I’m making one in the same red as the socks and hat I made before, at the moment.

This is another World of Warcraft effort. It’s meant to be son’s character’s mount: a sort of lionesque critter but with bigger teeth and ears than a normal lion. The body was a headless gingerbread man shape with a dart on the belly to pull the legs slightly under. Boxed in cone for the nose. Mane in Debbie Bliss”cashmerino astrakhan”.
Ro Greg’s Manor Rose as a lining. I quilted the bottom using a running stitch between the flowers along the foliage as much as possible. If I had enough of this fabric I’d make myself a long bias skirt in it. It was a total dream to work with unlike the faux suede. 🙂
Hinged lid for a change.
Outer in moss green faux suede. I was going for a Medieval effect -sort of like those drawstring leather bags that hang from belts, only this larger one has a lid and handle.

This dress was at the bottom of the bag of bits I bought with the new (2nd hand) sewing machine. One iron later and I think daughter will like it. It is very floaty and swirly- guaranteed success. I think it is 1950s vintage, whatever it is, it’s very unusual.I also monogrammed a few hankies for hubby’s present pile (quick easy and cheap to do), and have been helping son make hubby a bag for his laptop and accessories. (The laptop needs something like this as it comes with us even when we are camping). Now that is truly surreal when you are on the WWW sitting in the middle of a field on a mountain with just sheep staring. I’m not sure it’s necessarily a good thing. Surely when you are away from it all, you shouldn’t be bringing it with you? Ah just another of those “living with a teckie” things. 🙂

How’s everyone else getting on with Christmas? I finally got round to filling the crackers. I bought a pack of “creative bits” then filled each cracker with a selection, so hopefully we’ll be creating something on Christmas Day. It was cheaper for me to buy 12 crackers ready made than buy a kit from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) like we normally do!

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