Last bits in theory

Listening to “Fairytale of New York“. Slowly unwinding now and chilling out. Need a glass of Irish coffee when listening to this. 🙂 Feels like a Friday already.

Son has been off school this week with conjunctivitis. He says lots of children have got it at his school. Horribly infectious. Impetigo is also doing the rounds. Ah well makes a change from nits. :-0

Well now for my makings since Monday:

The finished hat for Bailey 6-9 month size.
Mittens for Bailey 6-9 month size.
Booties for Bailey 6-9 month size.
Patchwork pillow for son to match his birthday quilt.
Christmas placemats inspired by wrapping paper. They have a layer of warm and natural and are backed in beige satin cotton. I might get around to cup mats.
Mistletoe, teddies food and toys, poinsietta, reinder, holly, candy cane, and green. Sort of sums up Christmas really.
What with illness, I clean forgot I hadn’t made Sally a proper present. I had an idea and ran it by her so here is a simplified logo of her shop in leaded stained glass.
It’s taken the last couple of days to do-solidly. I haven’t done any glass in about 2 years (since the front door in “Past Projects”) and I can’t believe how unfit I’ve become. Last night after “leading up” I ached! It had an accident, so it really is a patched pumpkin. Hubby is now on his bike taking it to her shop as the car wouldn’t start. It’s freezing here, and we think the battery needs help.

Now that has GOT to be the end of Christmas present making! I just want to sit and do silly things like painting fir cones and adding berries, knitted mistletoe hearts, knitted Christmas puds, sewn hearts with bows and berries, and little sit down bits like that. AND drink an irish coffee!

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