Finally better and a few finished offs

I’m trying to post on Mondays and Thursdays, so here is Monday’s post. I’ve had a 3 day migraine- the worst ever with no idea what triggered it. It was awful being so helpless and confined to a dark room. So I am now dressed brightly in my warm knitted knee high red socks and feeling festive. The above is a phot from this morning’s walk on the sand dunes near the wood.
I don’t think the plants in the garden know it’s December! What is this rose doing out?
Castor Oil in flower (Fatsia Japonica)!
Hollyhock even! All these usually flower in the Summer- not in the late Autumn with frosts around and no leaves on trees.

I’m currently trying to get an environmental group to make sure the council doesn’t build on top of the only wild grassland with deciduous trees within walking distance of our house. I took photos of bee orchids there this Summer but so far I’ve heard nothing. It seems so unfair that there are so few green spaces this side of town.
Finally finished this one! It’s the olice green swing coat/cardi for my daughter’s Christmas present pile. Big big relief that I managed it in time. I was getting so worried when I was ill recently.
Sorry not very good pic- the buttons are a closer match- old ones too from the bottom of my tin.
A twist on the pumpkin pattern- a Christmas pudding in felt and faux suede with holly button trim.
Another big relief- I finished the character based on son’s World of Warcraft character. He bends at arm tops and leg tops and free stands. (There’s a screen shot print out of the character in the previous posting). I think I did the best I could for a beginner. The Halloween witch Miss Crumble was the first doll I had ever made. I just hope son likes him.

It’s the first time we have ever gone totally home made for Christmas, and I’d hate the children to think of it as “the year our parents ruined Christmas”. At the same time though, I don’t want to be pressured into spending money we don’t have, buying things no one needs, just for the sake of it. I’ve heard too many debt tales of parents buying computer things and paying for them the whole year on cards, as they think that is what is expected of them by their children and society.

Now we sound just plain feral in this house. LOL I just hope they like it is all I’m saying. Right off to cut a lap top bag ready for son to sew together for hubby when he gets in from school. I hope I have enough wadding left too.

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