Christmas has landed!

Christmas arrived here on the 1st of December.Angel Fluff and Precious looking soooo excited as only greyhounds can manage. 🙂
Fluff the reindeer
Precious the reindeer barely containig her excitement at her first indoor Christmas. (She was rescued by us in the summer).
Angel the Christmas tree.

Hubby and son managed to bring the bamboo in from the garden. It just fits! I’ve had yet another plaguey illness so daughter and son decorated the tree on the 1st December together with me “pointing and grunting”. Poor daughter is currently off school with the same plague. I’m still surviving on sudofed so haven’t managed much sewing. What a season we’ve had with illness!
Same pic minus daughter step ladder and knitting bag. I’m currently on the back part of the collar for the swing coat/cardi for daughter.
The reverse of one of the old stockings. Everyone’s names are appliqued on the fronts.
Detail from front of stocking.

This is what I have managed so far. I just hope I can get back to normal soon as I’m beginning to feel behind again with the present making.
Trees as recommended by Meredith from The Small Object’s blog. Mainly from Kaffe Fassett scraps. I tried elevating the layers from one another for a more zig zag profile.

A garland of red and white angels holding snowflakes.
Close up. Wired arms and legs.
Laura Ashley cherry embossed pot with berries in.
Wintery dresser. Need a wood and moss manger ideally for the nativity.
Peaches and cream bird trio. Remember the coasters?
One large bird with 2 smaller ones in red and green. There were coasters in the green fabrics too.
This one is half done. The pic is of son’s World of Warcraft character. I’m working on the tabard and ears and the flying mount afterwards. Blizzard will make your WOW character for $100 from 11th December onwards in polyresin.

No other crafts in progress although I hope to cut out a Christmas pudding this evening. There is just so little daylight to colour match, so I have to plan ahead. It gets dark around 3pm! Ah well at least I can knit. Should be at the sewing up stage tomorrow with daughter’s cardi hopefully if I have the energy.

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