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I had to really hunt out this elephant fabric by Laurel Burch. I knew I had it but what with buying that motherlode of fabric which tripled my stash, it took a while. Here she is at last! My doorstop for the jungle themed dining room. The whole idea came from a visit to Chester Zoo where you could sit among the plants while tropical birds and butterflies flew about you. The quirky in me thought this was hillarious- sort of “Dr Livingstone I presume?” So we had a go with parrot pictures and curtains, budgies and plants.

Quick re-use of box for son with a pirate theme. I’m really stuck -racking my brains for what I can make him.
I did come up with this though:
A cross stitch I made to comemorate his birth but as I has used real pencil to mark the areas, it had never been used. Thankfully 12 years on, cleaning agents have improved and I was able to finally get rid of the worst of the marks.
They both grew up with Beatrice Potter stories like I did, and had rooms and bed linen in it. The 2 cats areTom Kitten and Tabitha Twitchet. I’ve not done much cross stitch for years.
The faux suede is the same blue I used in the Box of Air, but came from the motherlode. The back is in the same fabric as the frame.
This cotton is more of the same. These 2 aprons worked out at 70p or slightly less each. They are English fabrics called “Spring” in 2 colourways. The first to me should be “Autumn” because of the colours. We were down to 3/4 of an apron. One of the ties on my old one (14 years ish old from a charity shop) had come off and got lost so I was wrapping the one round and tucking it in. Yep I definately think it was time I replaced it. 🙂

I think daughter will like this one best -her sort of colours. They were both double seamed. I don’t want to lose another tie!
A couple of red apples scented with “Spiced Apple” for daughter. They were made from left overs from her quilt and pillows. The backs are in red gingham left over from a bread roll holder I made hubby but can’t photograph.

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