Ill-Gotten Gains and crafts

This fabric is a very old linen a mere 32″ wide. It became a nightshirt for hubby but can’t post a pic of any of the stuff I made for him at the weekend as he transfers the photos to my computer. I also made him a felt wallet and some lavender bags for his chest of drawers.
A fabric shop was closing down so I got this lot for next to nothing as it was ex-display. I think I’m going to get very busy.
Autumn colours- faux suedes, upholstery, cottons, silk looking polyesters etc.
Summery colours mainly cottons some upholstery weight.
I thought these florals and Macintosh rose fabrics would make good cushion covers.
The perfect colour match for an unusual honey yellow floral gingham.
My most ill gotton gain- a dresser from a charity shop! This is just so perfect and helps out with the storage of all the craft bits like glue, paints, paper, glitter etc. It will eventually get covered in Winter bits but the Autumn stuff looked so good.
I splashed out in a new wipe clean table cloth as everything was so cheap.
This came from the same charity shop as the dresser. It was so beautiful and helps with the draught from that fireplace when it isn’t lit. I also got a bookcase for those text books which had been stored in the shed. Plain white and plasticy but it works and my books are organised! Sorry no pic.

Apple coaster for son out of scraps from his other presents. I put in some spiced apple scent. I love it so much I may make more. 🙂
Pyramid lavender bags for son. I made a set in blue for hubby. Some have ribbons for hanging in a wardrobe.
Couple of dog bed covers. I made another one in the peach but that has gone straight on to “Precious’s” bed. Angel and Precious will get one each for Christmas.
A peacock blue (looks green in pic) dress for daughter for Christmas so she can dress up as Mrs Peacock like in the Cludo game. (We’re all picking a character). I hope none of us wants to be Col. Mustard as I don’t think my sewing skills could rustle up the hat. 🙂
Hanging shelves for son for Christmas.
Ditto for daughter.
Laurel Burch’s fabric. I knew I wanted to make these the minute I saw it. Wrap fabric around card, do the same for the back, glue the 2 together with a hanging ribbon for the Christmas Tree.
Da daa! I made 20 in all and still have a bit left of my fat quarter.
I keep humming “Making Christmas”
I now have some stars to make for a girl we sponsor through “Toybox” charity. I honestly can’t remember what I’m doing after that. This weekend I just sat making Christmas (as we now call it) and got fed by hubby. I’ll have to check out my list. I know I’m short on making son things. Ah perhaps that was it shorts? Making Christmas, making Christmas, la la la toddle off to sniff glue. 🙂

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