Sea Horse and Rider, Flower Doll, wreaths

Little buttons for flannel flower centre.
Complete flannel flower doll, except for a watering can for her other hand. (I’ve not got one). She is from a Dizzy Frizzy pattern.
This was a tricky project. My daughter chose the pattern but boy was it fiddly! Each limb section took 1/4 hour to turn. So relieved I finished it. The fabric for the sea horse was perfect and I used the scrap of sparkly pink (coral from an ocean theme range) left over from the red basket for the nymph. There are absolutely no left-overs of it now. My mis-spent youth of playing Tetris came in handy when laying the pattern pieces. I felt so smug that I managed it. 🙂
Close up of sea nymph’s arm.
These 3 are what son came up with in his evening with a glue gun. They smell lovely- cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices.
This made me laugh- a wreath with star “earings”!
This one he said was like a smiley face with dimples. He really makes me laugh sometimes.

He left some invention sketches on my pillow last night. One is a “Radio Squeaker”- he first had an idea when he was 4 after listening to a 1930/40s broadcast complete with tuning “squeaks”. This latest re-make is a helmet for extreme sports complete with radio so you can have your own soundtrack when skiing or skydiving, as well as a phone for rescue purposes. I’ll ask if I can put it up here.

I’m currently making steak and kidney pie. The smell is wonderful. I just hope my pastry turns out ok. There are barns propped up with my pastry as it can go harder than a brick. 🙂 I’ve noticed I need to get a towel for hand drying in the kitchen (just shows how little time I spend in there) as we just don’t seem to have any! It’s all blue and white so should be easy enough. Just need the time.

I added up what things I needed to make and how long they would take but there’s only 33 days until Christmas, so I’ve got to get my skates on.

Son is handing in a project today which we both worked on on a Roman building. The trouble is I used to study the subject so it was so hard to bring things down to his level and not overwhelm him. The task of bringing in all my old text books in boxes from the shed was monumental enough. A couple were damp but luckily not vital ones. I can’t get over just how pleased I was to see all these “old friends”. We seriously need some more bookcases.

We were going to move this time last year then on the day of exchange of contracts we found out that our buyer was in no position to complete. Unfortunately by this time, we had thrown away the decrepid bookcases which wouldn’t withstand the move. My poor books all labelled and in order of subject chronology were kept in the shed as there was simply nowhere for them. There is still nowhere, but they are not going back out there, so I have a “modern art sculpture” (heap) of boxes in the middle of my bedroom floor. It was sooo lovely to see them though. I’m planning to re-read them like stories rather than dip into them for essay purposes. Should be fun and keep me occupied.

I’m currently re-reading Miss Read books. She writes of village life. The Thrush Green books are set in the real life Wood Green, part of Witney, Oxfordshire. One of my Great-Aunts lived there and I was brought up in the area, so I can picture it perfectly. When I find an author I like, I tend to read their books in the order in which they were written. Anyone else do this?

Gotta go and check on the simmering meat. Take care.

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