More Christmas Bits

Oooh you’re going to laugh when I explain what a farce it’s been here. Hubby has been turning single sockets into double ones and recessing others into the walls. The above shows a little glimpse into the recent history of this house’s wallpaper.

While this was going on daughter decides to give the dogs a bath each (in our bath!)- they had got very muddy so it wasn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. All 3 dogs one by one go into the room where hubby is and shake themselves vigourously and then lay by the fire to steam dry. Hubby by the 3rd is heartily fed of up the showering while he’s wiring. I’m sorry but instead of being sympathetic I simply folded in 2 and couldn’t stop laughing at the poor bedraggled man.

Good job he loves me. 🙂
Napkins (the ones I tried to mitre in the dark). The 4 fabrics are in each of the corners of the weignted tablecloth. I hope my friend will like them. 2 have dragonflies and 2 are plain. They reminded me of riverside picnics in the Summer. I made them into around pond sort of shape.

Yay! I finally finished the wool jumperfor son for Christmas! Phew only a cardi for daughter now. She loves the black swing cardi I made for myself so I’m going to make her one in green. She has green eyes and light brown hair so it will suit her. Son has blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair so this will suit him. Why do my children not look a thing like me?! If I wasn’t there at the time, I’d swear they weren’t. LOL
Simple darted top with zip to go with the skirt below.
A 4 panel skirt with elastic waist for daughter for Christmas although it’s Summery. Very easy to make without a pattern.

I think I’m now up to date with photographs. I’m working on stuffing tiny lavender bags.

I cut another basket from 2 different fabrics, but suddenly I couldn’t get hold of the same bucket to use again. Luckily today I found a bucket of bird food ready to hang in the garden, so I have another bucket to hopefully make tomorrow. After that I think I have finished all main presents to friends and just have little bits to make for them. I’ve got to think up some good things for the children though.

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