Roses and hearts

I’m listening to Ode to Billy Joe as I was humming it as I was sewing. I love that slow sort of “south” rhythm. Already I’m missing Summer.

Tiny lavender sachets from left overs. Proof that I don’t waste much. 🙂

Roses lid for basket-they pick out some of the lilac colours in the stripey pocket fabric.
Quilted bottom and stripey double seamed pocket.
The entire basket. The idea behind it was a rose bud which amazingly enough is growing in the garden in spite of the frosts we’ve been having. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but I really enjoyed comemorating that brave flower today.

The BBC have been filming live from Martin Mere near here among other locations. We hear the pink footed geese all the time. The above is a link to their web site showing what Autumn is doing all over the UK.

I’m now off to watch “Children in Need” fundraiser and dance to any songs I might know. Already seen Lee Mead who is the new Joseph from Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat musical. He won “Rear of the Year” award too. LOL what will people think of next?

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