More Christmassy Bits + belated sad news.

Just the other day I mentioned Laurel Burch and how much I loved her designs. I heard a rumour that she had died. I Googled and found that she had.
I’d never read about her before but her designs were so colourful and fun that I was drawn to using them. It’s a bit of a shock to know that there will be no new designs. She had such a wonderful imagination. I think her fabrics will still be produced as she had licenced a lot of her work to other companies. I love the way her designs could translate to different media like jewellery, mugs, as well as fabrics.

Now the Christmas Bits:
Notice board with removable washing line. Friend has brilliant sense of humour so I thought this one up just for her.
Another friend’s main present. I think I need to add something to the lid like the brooch on the other basket.

I used 3 fabrics for this frame- I think you can see the 3rd peeping at the back. I think my friend will like it.
This one is a very deep red and has a quote on it “Each happiness is a victory” S. Fry. I think my sister will love it as deep red is her favourite colour and she likes Stephen Fry.
You know how it is when sometimes you see a person and you just know you have the perfect fabric for their personality? Well this was it. A lovely sweet woman who helps a lot of people even though she has a lot on her plate. She is also a typical English Rose when you look at her.
My own pattern- the medium snowman in felts. Shiney buttons for eyes and dull ones for “coat”. I still haven’t made the big version or small version as I’m still dealing with the backlog of washing from mini Glastonbury in the garden.

Son added his tent for the 2nd night. Nothing caught fire but daughter learned the hard way to make sure pans are on a level surface. The lawn will recover…eventually. We had our first frost too! It feels like we only had a brief Autumn and are now in the start of Winter. Snow wont settle here though as we’re only a mile from the beach.

I miss snow and Oxfordshire most in Winter. When I was about 11/12, the village was cut off and the power line came down. Those who had gas cookers heated soup for those who only had electric. The whole village helped one another. It was also the year I was given roller skates, so I cleared a patch of knee high snow so I could try them. I wonder what delights this Winter will bring to my children who are now both older than I was then- 12 and 15?

I’ve got to go and feed the washing machine again and put cleaned sleeping bags away, wash the kitchen floor, and all sorts of horrible household tasks. Then I’ll sew up a weighted picnic cloth and napkins for another present. I spent ages fiddling yesterday trying to mitre corners properly then I realised I couldn’t do it as I couldn’t see! The afternoon got so dark so quickly. How is everyone else getting on? Are their any honoury saints out there who have finished their Christmas shopping?

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