Autumn Colours

We went for a walk after dinner today. I’d finished a secret Christmas present for one of the Patched Pumpkin goers (sorry can’t show a pic yet as she knows about this site) in the morning and felt more than ready to blow away some cobwebs and check out what Autumn was doing. The pneumonia had really altered my energy levels and had left me feeling frustrated with myself all week. It felt so good to be out of town and “getting real”.

Red currants were still going. Love that colour!
Beech trees of every colour leaf.

A willow made a beautiful pattern in front of a beech. Wouldn’t you just wear it if it were a fabric?

Son up a tree (as usual).
The light coming through the leaves made then look like stained glass. Wish we had a better camera.
This made us giggle- a cloud formation looking like a cooked and boned fish dinner.
Everywhere we looked there was colour.
I wish this had come out better- it was like a flower arrangement with cream white grass seed heads and an oak sapling in brown. Beautiful!
Another beech to end with. Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

I’ve started knitting a carousel horse with a free pattern from knitting daily. It takes 6.5mm needles and double DK yarn so when my hands ache I switch back to son’s pale blue jumper on 4mm needles and single yarn.

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