Winter Wool + Bonfire Night

Today feels like Winter. The heating came on and there’s been a real bite to the air. This led me to have a quick look at my wool stockpile. You know for when sheep mutate with global warming into large fleeceless Mexican dog looking critters. My great master plan involves knitting up the bulk of the cones of wool into cardigans and jumpers. Definately a Winter thing in front of a fire.
This will become the horse I mentioned in a previous post. I gave it dark blue hooves on a coffee break.
The colours don’t look right in this photo, but this is the pale blue (more fresh looking) jumper for son as far.
The brown wool is so Autumn! The green cone is for a bolero style cardi for my daughter. I hope to make it by Christmas. Eek! 7 weeks until Christmas. Perhaps I should give up sleeping? We’re all trying to make Christmas presents this year so it’s going to be a very busy time for me.

I sorted out all my offcuts -tiny scraps go to a friend’s wormery, bigger bits go to a lady who does crazy patchwork from scraps for charity. I even manged to fold a lot of fabric ready to put away. The biggest task today was conquering and defeating the ironing pile which had mounted up while I was ill. Hale the conquering hero. If I could draw I would do a pic of a female knight with a long sword standing on a pile of washing. 🙂

Today and the weekend just gone, it’s been like living in downtown Sarajevo. Fireworks and rockets have been banging at all hours. Today is the traditional Bonfire Night when everyone remembers when the House of Parliament was going to be blown up by people against James I. Guy Faulkes got the blame as he confessed under torture when the plotters were found out. Nowadays youths light fireworks and there are a lot of accidents, pets get scared and run away, and there is a call for proper organised displays being able to buy fireworks only, and only let them off on certain nights.

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