Couple of finished things

I’ve added a “Google buy now” button for those who would like the patterns I drew for the bat, flying crow and leaves in the wallhanging. Google don’t take fees like Paypal but it operates in the same way. I’ll send the patterns in PDF format by email. If there are things I’ve made which you like, I’m happy to make the pattern available if it’s mine, or tell you where I got the pattern if it’s someone elses.

Phew! At last the cushion for my favourite chair is finished and on! I do like it when I can get a whole project off my “To Do List”. Those who have followed this saga, know that the chair has been overhauled and painted in white satin, the seat went off to an upholsterer to sort out the painful springs, and finally finally I finished the tapestry teapot cover. (Candace Bahouth’s tea cosy design just sort of extended to cover the seat from her “Romantic Needlepoint” book).

I still haven’t done the bin for my bedroom though. LOL

Another finished project is the “Give thanks for thy bountiful harvest” embroidery. Sally the owner of Patched Pumpkin (a shop I go to which has courses galore, fabrics galore, coffee, friends to giggle with, and a wonderful atmosphere) had the brilliant idea of possibly mounting it on a card and hanging it at a background for a wreath. Voila! Hers was tea dyed and had a white wreath. As I had a lot of old decorations which were fairly battered (I snipped off the worst berries with exposed polyestrene) but I couldn’t possibly throw away as they were so full of happy memories, I used them on this:

Pears, apples, blackcurrants, red currants, acorns, hawthorn berries, etc. All Autumnal lovliness! I think I could get away with using it at Christmas too?

I am toying with the idea of having seasonal decorations. Spring for example would involve bunnies, eggs, chicks, lilac, lemon and spring green colours. Summer- seagulls, beach things like shells, floral fabrics. Well you’ve seen most of Autumn thanks to daughter’s party, and then Christmas- things like Angels, snowmen, Santa, elves, kings, gold red green fabrics. Does anyone else do this?

Ok just have all those Autumn patches to sort into some sort of order and a Halloween Day at Patched Pumpkin on Friday, then I officially start on Christmas. I’ve also undercoated the edges of some shelves which we’ve had for years so they can go in the computer room for books.

Tea time now, and knitting in the evening. We had a coal fire for the first time on Sunday night- the chimney worked fine thankfully. I had forgotton just how hot those fires can get, but it was lovely night of cosiness with cold weather outside after a day of drizzly rain.

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