Autumn Day at Patched Pumpkin

Well I got through the Autumn Day at Patched Pumpkin (no thanks to this rotton cold) and made some beautiful things thanks to the owner Sally putting in so much prep work.Candle or taper box for the fireplace.

Bartholomew the Blackbird candlestick ornament.

I’ve not yet finished the embroidery but here’s a pic of what I’ve done so far. Will finish it soon.

The pink Appleton wools arrived so I’ll be finishing off the seat this week. Another finishing off I want to do is the bucket basket- boats, sandcastles and beach huts as accessories around the outside. Next patched Pumpkin is on Friday- Halloween day.

Laura’s birthday went really well. She loved the “Box of Air” sewing box, strawberry lavender bags, and picture frame, Linnet rabbbit and pcinic set, not to mention the red and white strawberry patchwork quilt and matching cushions. She thought the room was just perfect and even her friends remarked on it. So relieved as I was so worried I would run out of energy.

Another thing I’ve just remembered is the covering of a bin for our bedroom. WWould you believe we didn’t have one until now?! Busy week ahead.

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