Autumn Patches

Well I finally did it! Remember those patches I worked on ages ago? Since then I have looked through all my fabric several times , arranged it on the table countless times, walked around it, had coffee over it in fact done everything bar actually cut and sew fabrics to join the patches. I finally bit the bullet yesterday and started piecing it all together so it could be a table cloth with a plain area for everyone’s plates, a different leave design for each person to co-ordinate with their plate area. I tried to balance colours and make it look a little symetrical without being exact. The edging is the same “Cowpokes” hay fabric as the middle panel. Only 2 patches couldn’t fit on- the spider web and the kitten with leaves. I’ll have to think of something quick and special for them. I am so hoping that all my Autumn things will all be finished by the weekend.
The children and I are going to start doing Christmas crafts as it’s half term holiday next week. We’re going to try to make presents as much as possible. Has anyone had much success with this? Are there any things which work well?

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