Ok decorations all round room-tick.
Decorations all round play shed where Laura is planning to host her sleepover- tick.

The knitted set all up.
The seated crows up.
The faux suede crows, bats and leaves hanging.

The witch, ghost and vampire dolls up.

The full leaves, flying cows and bats in flannels and cotton hanging. I do love how this turned out. I finished it at midnight last night and went flop. Hubby let me sleep in as he knows I’m still feeling rough. He is over the worst so in theory a fit grown up will be in charge tonight.
Close up of flannel bat. If you would like to buy the pattern for the bat, crow, and lots of leaves you can do so here for £3.00. It will be emailed to you, so no waiting, and no tax.

Close up of flannel crow.Close up of one of the embroidered flannel leaves.
Remember these? The pumpkins are on the dresser.
Miss crumble the Witch, Scarecrow with pumpkins, Laura’s Were Vampire doll, and the Trick or Treat Tree on the mantle piece.
Close up of the Trick or Treat Mini bags from the tree.

Shopping list:
Chinese crispy roast duck with plum sauce and pancakes;
Birthday Cake with Winnie the Pooh (as chosen by Laura);
Assorted other Chinese dishes;
Assorted pizzas;
Enough chocolate for a small village in assorted flavours, some for fondue;
Fruit for chocolate fondue;
Marshmallows for toasting;
Assorted munchies for midnight feasting;
Assorted juices and lemonade for non alcoholic cocktails.

Ok now if I print out the list I may just manage to shop this afternoon and have things ready in time. I’ve been going around like a slug (slimey nose- I know too much info :-)- and flu symptoms) but as long as I get through today I can go flop tomorrow afternoon when the guests have gone and I’ve finished my Autumn Day at Patched Pumpkin. God give me the energy!

I’m looking forward to starting on that special magical wonderful time know as Christmas, next week. Money is seriously tight, so I think I’m going to try to sell things I can make, as soon as I can think straight.
Have a good weekend.

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