Busy Busy Autumn

Wow it’s been a whole week since I’ve managed to have some computer time. This is what I’ve been up to:

This will be a wall hanging for my daughter’s party on Friday. I’ll add a few more leaves-greens, yellows and browns. This time the crows and bats are in flannel. Sooo much easier to turn and preserve detail on.
Vampire- ribbon sash and bow tie, fully lined brocade cape.
Witch- embroidery cotton hair and left overs from “Miss Crumble” for the clothes.
Ghost- thick sheet offcut left raggedy with gathered waist.
Another idea from Patched Pumpkin- a basket. Outside is Makower’s “Beach” and royal blue bias binding.
Inside it’s the sea (or a pail of water if you’re into nursery rhymes).
The lid is a combination of both fabrics moored by white soft cotton cord. There will be boats to hold soap and hopefully beach huts to other bits. Some people made these as sewing baskets, gift baskets but mine will be a bathroom tidy.

I had a lot of machine trouble while making the basket so I started looking around for a new machine and asked the other Patched Pumpkin goers. They recommended Berninas as machines which keep going and don’t have plastic insides and feet like the modern Singer (less than 2 years old) I’m having the problems with.

On Saturday hubby and I travelled 3/4 of an hour to another town to look at a 2nd hand sewing machine shop. They showed me 1 for £150, but said they had a Bernina in another town 20mins away. So off we toddle. The machine didn’t have a buttonhole foot only the basic one so they said that was why it wouldn’t buttonhole, and at £200, I’d’ve had to pay more per foot as and when I needed them. We came home without buying either.

I looked on Ebay and won the same machine on Sunday but with all feet etc. for £128. There was even a table which lowers and raises the machine so it can pack away as well as be a sewing surface. Wonderfully designed and they only wanted £10 extra for it. They also had lots of 1970s fabrics, patterns and buttons. Lovely people too. We picked the machine and table up from a town 3 hours away that afternoon/evening and just went flop.

Last night both hubby and I felt flu-ish and today felt worse, so he’s been in bed most of the day and I’ve been sitting in a corner dressing the dolls pictured above. Feels like oodles to do before daughter’s sleepover party but I’m low on energy. YUK.

Quick update: I’ve just looked at the other Ebay Bernina 830s whichI was watchingand have now finished- 1 went for £355 and another was buy it now for £340! I think I got a serious bargain! Lovely machine to work with- I’m getting used to the knee controlled foot lifter which is marvellous when I’m sewing the more intricate leaf shapes.

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