New Doll Concept

Bettsi had a link to this site from her blog. It’s inspired me to have a go at making a doll which an abused woman could have to let her know that there is hope and real love.

This is the general idea:

With my knees drawn up and my arms closed
I can protect my heart.
With open arms I expose my bruised heart
Which will never be broken
But I will grow and walk tall.

It’s meant to be symbolic of the experience abused women go through towards self healing.

The doll can be curled up (dressed with features etc.) then the woman can uncurl her as gradually as she wants until this very leggy doll is tall. She could eventually be a wallhanging in the woman’s new home.

What do you think? Would this idea work or is it too wacky?

I’ve made a start on dressing her in black wool felt boots.

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