Gingerbread People Wreath

This is from a class at Patched Pumpkin on Sunday. I couldn’t count 9 accurately, so I have 10 gingerbread people. 🙂 In the original design there is a big button at the centre of the bow where I put the extra figure.

It was made in cotton and flannels -6 fabrics in all.
The tree is decorated in tiny male and female gingerbread people topped wth a star.
There are 4 shades of brown buttons for the eyes and “wheat” coloured crosses on their bodies.

Now all this got me thinking late last night. Using the same sort of people, what about turning them into red and white dressed choristers and the bow area into a steepled church with bright “stained glass”windows appliqued on and snow, and the tree where it is now? Had to write that idea down quick in my Bloglog book before I fell asleep.

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