Red socks and hat + booties

I am now wearing the red socks I made from a 1920s-30s pattern book. The book also contained knitted knickers and other sniggerables. 🙂 With the left overs I made a hat and with the left over from that, a baby bootie like the navy ones below only minus the ribbing so no turnback which once threaded with ribbon can hang on the Christmas Tree with a treat inside. Looks like a mini Christmas stocking.

These are 6-12month moss stitch booties for Bailey. I’m working on a matching navy hat and there will be mittens too. These should look good with the fishy jumper I made for him earlier in mid blue, navy and white.

My other project which is nearly finished is the gingerbread wreath. I sniggered this morning when Hubby asked what I was doing and I said “I’m on the bed with 10 men”. He’s so used to my sense of humour and merely replied “Do you need a coffee yet”? Well after knowing me for 21ish years… The gingerbread men need eyes and the tree needs decorating. Once that’s done, I’ll post a pic.

I’ve decided to try to make more crows and leaves and make the mobile a bit more colourful. Autumn is happening all around me in wonderful colours, so I want to keep a little of it inside the house to cheer me up on those cold dead wintery days when the treesare bare. As I’m on the coast it doesn’t snow like in Oxfordshire where I grew up. I miss those crisp sparkley days where the weak sun makes snow glitter and and reminds you of stories like “The Snow Queen” and “Narnia” and “Box of Delights”. The latter has got to be in my top 5 videos of all time.

Talking of favourites, anyone got favourite outfits from films? I love the silver dress from “The King and I” and the red velvet from “Gone With the Wind”. Couldn’t clear leaves from gutters in them though. That brings me back to my socks- they’re off to the front garden to get the last of the lavender. Isaved some for the bees but as it’s even colder, I think they are hibernating. I heard somewhere that if there were no bees we’d starve in 7 years as they do most of the pollinating of our plant based food.

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