Autumn Mobile, Scarecrow, Pinks

I’ve had a lot of YUK do deal with this week which had nothing to do with crafts but left me feeling un-creative. I did manage to finish the 110m of pink Appleton yarn for the seat cover and needed to order another 110m just to make sure that this time I do finally finish the seat. The upholsterer did a brilliant job on mending the seat itself so it is lovely and comfy again with no broken springs. Promise to do pics.

Now lots of pink:
This would you believe is a dragon fruit. You eat it like kiwi. I had to try it after seeing it’s colours.
The climbing rose at the bottom if the garden is still blooming although it is getting a backdrop od virginia creeper going a gorgeous crimson.
This everlasting sweetpea is on the top of a hill now turned into a nature reserve. The weather was biting cold yet this hadn’t even grown pods yet!
These are the only bit of a top secret Christmas present I can post at the moment- little lavender hearts. The rest of the pics will have to wait until after Christmas.
The other mat made in 1990 out of tapestry wool covering cardboard and backed in silk. I love the way they last and last.
This is one seriously awful pic- I was trying to avoid getting a reflection in the glass doors so took it from a side angle. It should show 3 leaf types in homespun flannel with a little crow, a flying crow of my design, and a flying bat of my design an a sitting crow of my design inblack faux suede. (Note to self when making tiny intricate objects which need turning don’t use faux suede.)
Sitting crow with milky green button eyes. Wings fully movable.
Sorry- tilt head to left- this is the flying crow.
Tiny bat with white sewn on eyes. Wings are made, then sewn on to body where gaps have been left.
Big leaf- sycamore.
Medium leaf -maple.
Of course with all these crows you have to have a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch.
These you’ve seen before but they still haven’t been turned into a mobile. I think the witch will look quite good riding her broomstick.

Tomorrow I’ll be making a gingerbread man wreath at Patched Pumpkin. Sounds like fun! Hope you’re all having a good weekend.

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