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I’ve been making gifts today so no pics of them but I can show you the slow labour of my other things that I usually work on at night. I finally admitted defeat today and gave the wicker chair cushion to an upholsterer to sort out the painful springs and give it a neutral cover that I can make a loose cover for. The green teapot on pink will be the main panel for this loose cover. The weather has definately turned -there were mini tornados in the Midlands and SE UK today!

I found this little fella I made in1990 under some papers. He is one of 2 cup mats I made back then. The other is a dragonfly in purples and greens. Will take a pic of that one next.
This is the doll my daughter made solely on her own- a vampire wolf doll! LOL It will go with the Halloween witches for a Halloween themed birthday party she is having here inOctober. Must must get on with the Halloween list.
The turnback of the sock.
This is the 1st of what will be a pair of knee high sock for me. The wool reminded me of Autumn being so red and has little flecks in.
bad pic but it just about shows the various vintage sock patterns in the booklet I’m working on.
Sorry about this pic- this is one of 9 sides of ideas waiting to be made. This shows the crows and bat, Ice Windows patchwork (very long term project), and a kitchen themed InspirationBoard.
Da daa the latest Bloglog Book- supersized from all the ones which went before it. £1.99 from The Works.
My bedside table. I don’t know whether to decorate it or not now the basics are done and it has new crystal knobs.
The nearly finished seat cover.

Laura and I went into town today after she finished school. I did a spot of pre Christmas shopping in bargain sections and we bought hair dye. It was pouring down when we left to walk home -the patterns the water was making were so reminescent of the splash patterns we all made in the lake together. We stared at the pattern oil was making on the puddle water too. Thoroughly wet, she called Daddy to pick us up. We collected pie and chips on the way home them she and I had a girlie sesh with hair dye face packs etc. Not bad for a Monday. Usually I just catch up with the washing. Eeek forgot the washing is still in the machine and needs hanging on the Lazy Jane overnight to dry. Bye.

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